Yordan Kamdzhalov Foundation

A world where people draw on the
nourishments of their spiritual insight,
sharing them with others.

Yordan Kamdzhalov

The Yordan Kamdzhalov Foundation is a one-of-a-kind phenomenon in the cultural life of Bulgaria. It became operational in 2009 by launching contests for talented young musicians in search support for further education and specialisation in the field of music.

As of 2014, the project transformed into a Conceptual Cultural Platform with the globally renowned Bulgarian Yordan Kamdzhalov acting as its artistic director and chief conductor.

The main idea of this Platform is to both foster the conditions to unfold the Bulgarian artistic genius and promote Bulgaria’s cultural prestige, as well as to converge the efforts and the creative impulses of people from various social, age and educational strata.

The mission of the Yordan Kamdzhalov Foundation amounts to working for and raising the ‘human being’ as such by constructing cultural instruments for sustainable impact on the social environment.