Eva Doncheva

Born on 11.07.2007, Eva is playing the violin since age 5. She is studying in the National School of Arts “Dobri Hristov” in Varna, in the class of Krasimir Shterev. Since two years ago Eva is also working with the young violin player and teacher Zornitsa Ilarionova.
Eva has been a part of the masterclasses os professor Mincho Minchev, professor Yosif Radionov, professor Roman Fedchuk, maestro Micho Dimitrov, Svetlin Rusev, Zornitsa Ilarionova and Blagorodna Taneva.
Laureat of the following competitions: “World, art and sea” – Golden Sands, Bulgaria; “Varban Varbanov” – Burgas, Bulgaria; “Competition for Austrian and German music” – Burgas, Bulgaria; International Music Competition “Music and the Earth” – Sofia, Bulgaria; International Music competition “Tryavna Art Festival”; International competition “Opus Artis Paris” 2020; Asia Pacific International Arts Festival 2020 The Grand Finals; the competition “Road to fame” in Sofia, Bulgaria; “Danubia Talents” – Hungary; “IMMC” – Moscow.

In 2020 and 2021 after successfully passing through an extensive competition, Eva has been chosen as laureat of Foundation “Yordan Kamdzhalov” to support her future development.

Eva has been a soloist of Anima orchestra and Sofia soloists conducted by maestro Plamen Dzhurov.
She is taking part in the Youth symphony orchestra of National School of Arts “Dobrin Hristov” and been actively taking part in the concert activity of Genesis Orchestra conducted by maestro Yordan Kamdzhalov.