Music Laboratory for the Human Self

“Creative potential of the person himself, outside of any Institutions limits and rules.”

The Music Laboratory was established on 16 October, 2014, in Sofia, by Yordan Kamdzhalov as artistic director and Maya Vasileva as a conductor.
This conceptual vocal formation was born in the cradle of the internationally recognized Bulgarian choir tradition. The key objective of the Music Laboratory for the Human Self is the quest and the craving for the infinite and unforeseeable capabilities and perspectives of the creative potential of the human being as such.

Music Laboratory for the Human Self – Choir
This formation is a broad ranging civil selection of individuals with an expressed vocal and music potential. They are united in their desire to perform the world’s masterpieces and they act as the resident choir for the symphonic GENESIS ORCHESTRA.

Music Laboratory for the Human Self – Ensemble
This is a selection of individuals with an expressed vocal, music and artistic potential. A leading aspiration to set up this leading vocal ensemble was the yearning to share and project in outer space the beautiful, powerful and limitless acoustic inner space of the Human Self. Casting an innovative perspective, the ensemble’s repertoire compiles music styles from the antiquity to the 21st century, intertwined with Bulgarian folklore improvised fragments and motives.

Music Laboratory for All – Bulgaria Sings
This is a format uniting people of various backgrounds, social, age-group and professional affiliations, which is open to all without exception, where the boundaries between stage performers and the audiences are obliterated; participants become a part of the creative process. It is held regularly, on a seasonal basis, in various towns/cities of the country.​

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