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„The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who remain indifferent in times of moral crisis.“ – Dante Algieri (1265-1321)

Dear friends, in the past year we certainly did not remain indifferent – despite all the circumstances, we continued to create beauty and meaning, because we believe that only with them can we find and continue the way forward.

Despite our efforts to stay connected to you, we realize that in 2021 the cruel circumstances of the present reality sometimes put a barrier between us. For one reason or another, many of you failed to make it to the concert halls…  We assure you that we have never stopped to think of you as you do of us.

As a thank you, we would like to provide you with free video access to the oratorical CHRISTMAS music of Dimitar Nenov, with which on 19.12.2021 we celebrated its 120th anniversary and for the fifth year we continued the affirmation of a new Bulgarian musical tradition for Christmas with the music of Dimitar Nenov. In return, we invite you to register on our website via email to receive all news and information about upcoming events from us.

Because we’re going to make 2022 even better. Together.

Deadline for Ending Video Access: 30.04.2022

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