MISSION: Entfaltung des wahren Potenzials des menschlichen Selbst.

Wir unterstützen Musiker, wir führen kostenlose Live-Events durch, wir inspirieren, wir motivieren, wir geben Hoffnung für eine bessere Welt

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The price of the album is 12 EU (22 BGN). Ordering from the website, you receive a discount: buying more than 10 albums – 10% discount, more than 50 albums – 20% discount.

Цената на диска е 22 лв. При поръчка през интернет страницата получавате отстъпка: за повече от 10 албума – 10%, за повече от 50 албума – 20%.


Mit Ihrer Spende unterstützen Sie junge Musiker und das kulturelle und spirituelle Streben.


Indem Sie spenden, helfen Sie dabei, aussergewöhnliche Erfahrungen und erleuchtende Musik zu schaffen.


Durch Ihre Spende verbessern Sie unsere Musik-, Lebens- und Mathematikakademien.


Evolvement of an individual’s true potential.

Music Laboratory for Human Self

The Music Laboratory was established on 16 October, 2014, in Sofia, by Yordan Kamdzhalov, with Maya Vasileva as conductor. This conceptual vocal formation was born in the cradle of the internationally recognised Bulgarian choir tradition. The key objective of the Music Laboratory for the Human Self is the quest and the craving for the infinite and unforeseeable capabilities and perspectives of the creative potential of the human being as such. 

Academia Musica

Academia Musica focuses on the integral science of music. The programme is the next organically evolving step of Yordan Kamdzhalov Foundation’s Conceptual Cultural Platform aiming at the development of the Human Self.  The sessions delivered by celebrated experts in the field of music: interpreters, music theoreticians, philosophers and teachers, span a range of topics from the theory of music elements to overarching fundamental laws, principles and phenomena in music traced along their axis of evolvement from the antiquity to modernity.

Genesis Orchestra

​In 2015, Yordan Kamdzhalov assumed charge as artistic director and chief conductor of the internationally convened Bulgarian GENESIS ORCHESTRA. Being pivotal for the Conceptual Cultural Platform of the Yordan Kamdzhalov Foundation, this format brings together established Bulgarian musicians from Bulgaria, Europe and the world. Lead by their professionalism, experience and passion for art, they join forces to open new dimensions and feed in fresh impulses to develop the cultural domain. 

Bulgaria Sings

”Music laboratory for everybody A format that brings together hundreds and thousands people of different social, age and professional backgrounds“  – This is a format uniting people of various backgrounds, social, age-group and professional affiliations, which is open to all without exception, where the boundaries between stage performers and the audiences are obliterated; participants become a part of the creative process. It is held regularly, on a seasonal basis, in various towns/cities of the country. 

Young artists competition

Since 2010, the Foundation has been aiding and supporting the development and fulfilment of talented Bulgarian youth from the country, Europe and around the world by providing them with funds to attend educational forms within reputable schooling facilities, academies, festivals,competitions and master classes around the world. They are also furnished with  avenues to appear in prestigious-venue performances. The Foundation prize laureates hold annual meetings “Aspiration”.


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