Foundation “Yordan Kamdzhalov”

The main idea of the foundation “Yordan Kamdzhalov” is to create conditions for the development of the Bulgarian creative genius and to raise the cultural prestige of Bulgaria, as well as to unite the efforts and creative impulses of people from different social, age and educational levels.

The mission of the Yordan Kamdzhalov Foundation includes the following directions:

• Presentation and promotion of the best Bulgarian musical and value traditions;
• Discovery, supporting and developing young Bulgarian talents;
• Raising the musical culture of the Bulgarian public;
• Organizing unique concerts with the participation of world-famous Bulgarian musicians in collaboration with orchestras from the country;
• Presentation of music concerts by Bulgarian composers;
• New original “reading” of the world and Bulgarian musical classics …

The idea of ​​accessibility of aesthetic suggestions to the general public and building of cultural tools for lasting impact on the social environment is the guiding principle.