First of its kind leadership and communication seminar takes place in Bulgaria

“For the last 2 decades, I have participated in a long list of meetings, training, and master classes in Europe, Yale University US, including executive studies at INSEAD Fontainebleau, France.

The master class led by you was a unique and incomparable experience!

Your genius and strangeness, color and sensuality, extremity and humility, freedom-loving and immense cosmopolitanism flowed throughout the day. You left a bright mark, we peeked into the future!

Thank you for celebrating learning together with the magic of music, teaching, talent, communication, and the desire to sow the seeds of healing.”


Zoya Paunova is the honorary consul of Sweden in Bulgaria. She is a former executive director of Astra Zeneca Bulgaria and a member of the Board of Directors of the Council of Women in Business in Bulgaria.

“Inspiration, strength, uncompromising pursuit of perfection, common emotion, common purpose, a common idea, complete trust, rhythm, harmony, ultra-professionalism, ultra-humanity…
Words are frequent guests in the vocabulary of Maestro Yordan Kamjalov, but conveyed in practice and filled with meaning and content. This was the master class in November 2021 that I had the honor of participating in.
You leave there more inspired, more empowered, and much more uncompromising towards mediocrity. You leave a leader capable of giving super love and superpower to your team.”

Venera Aleksandrova

Venera Alexandrova Since 2001, she has been working in the IT industry in various management positions in companies such as, Netage and Telerik (Progress). Since 2017, he has been actively involved in the development of the Bulgarian entrepreneurial ecosystem, and in recent years he has devoted himself entirely to mentoring and consulting of start-up and fast-growing companies.

What a time we live in! An eclectic of worlds. A reality in which we swim in all kinds of information. Many of us are always at the crossroads of thousands of possibly right directions for development, ideas for building teams, businesses, friendships, family, well-being, happiness.
According to maestro Yordan Kamjalov, the time has come for skills that are different and on another level, combinations of experience in different professions; a few moments of extraordinary that can be carried over into everyday life. Facing the unknown and outside the comfort zone with new approaches, new beginnings, new tools, new experiences, new awareness, many shared experiences, new outlook, new level.
The idea for the „Leadership and Communication“ seminar came exactly like this – we were guided by the idea that everything in life is connected and there are no unattainable things for the power of human potential. Inspired by this principle, Maestro Kamdjalov has been creating in collaboration with various multicultural teams around the world for years. This experience of his also inspired the creation of his mentor class – a cultural and social phenomenon that, for the second year in a row, will prove that the power of art, sincere and intuitive communication is the core of success. So far, no other internationally recognized visionary and innovator has done this in this way. We are proud to be his hosts.

„There is no higher leadership in aerobatics than to be followed by volunteers from all over the world and to achieve a super quality product on a global scale. International recognition is the greatest recognition for an artist“. The words are of Mr. Georgi Ivanov, lecturer at the University of London, member of the English Higher Academy of Higher Education, and executive director of the digital marketing agency Dolphin Marketing Press.

“As a lecturer and creator of various leadership programs and courses, I believe there is no other leadership class like it. For me, this is a one-of-a-kind seminar. The essence of communication and humanity in relationships cannot be more vividly felt than through the symmetrically manifested emotional and intellectual intelligent essence of Yordan Kamdjalov.

The training, which weaves a vast experience, including unique and little-known aspects of the musical sciences, reaches deep within the person and creates sensations and realizations like no other leadership class I have heard of or seen in all my years. in the field of higher education. I strongly believe that this training will remain one of the most important moments in the development of leadership qualities, communication and motivation for each participant, regardless of their personal and professional employment.”

„For me, the exciting news is that the full-day training continues and with the access to annual Strive Festival at the Royal Palace of Vrana.“ This is one of the most significant musically exclusive experiences in Bulgaria, also related to the opportunity to exchange experience with some of the most colorful figures in the creative and business life in the country. This continues with the opportunity to access another peak experience, namely „Interdisciplinary Creators“. This set of experiences elevates and predisposes to the growth of leadership and human qualities inherent in and prompting peak practices in life and practice. No matter what field of business, science or creative environment one is in, this event is transformative.”

Georgi Ivanov is a graduate of Southampton Solent University, Oxford and a member of the English Higher Academy of Education and a lecturer at the University of London. Georgi Ivanov is the CEO of the digital marketing agency Dolphin Marketing Press and the Marketing and Partnerships Director of the Yordan Kamdjalov Foundation.